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Kelly Mackie

I was walking down the street with my friend Laurel when I dropped my litter on the ground like I have always done in the past. Laurel went off on a tangent about how my polluting ruins the environment. I then proceeded to look around me and I saw the usual city:scape, cars, buildings, people, etc. I asked her what environment she was talking about in which case she did not have an answer. Don't get me wrong, I respect the environment and I would never pollute in any wild growth area, but I really do not see the logic in not polluting on concrete. In fact, I think everybody should pollute, because I think if people realized how much they consumed instead of shipping it off out of sight so they didn't have to see it, maybe we would start to realize how much trash we create and would not have to live with the out-of-sight out-of-mind complex to make ourselves feel better about how much waste we produce.

On garbage day, everybody puts out their plastic bags filled with waste to be taken away to a landfill, pushing it out of view in order to keep going about their day, appreciating how clean our city is, and "hey we can sleep better at night" knowing that we do not have to worry about living in a mess. Yet, we keep creating more landfills to keep up with how much we consume. The landfill once being a vital Eco-system has now been turned into a home for our greed; nonetheless we continue to make new places to accommodate our ravenous nature. But one day we will wake up to the suffocating smell of our debris, and it will be too late because we shall have already taken up the amount of precious land that we will no longer have.
I can imagine it now: the stench of waste filling my lungs as I walk down my "beautiful" city streets; the concrete so clean; people wearing gas masks, because all the garbage on the outside of the city has ruined the soil; most trees dead, not having been able to survive the acidity. I can see oxygen booths, and water that costs twenty-five dollars a bottle because the garbage has seeped into most of the world's water supply making it poisonous to drink. Well, at least we have garbage cans on almost every street corner because, hey, we can put it in our landfills which takes up approximately seventy five percent of our world’s space, and at least we can still go to our fast food restaurants where every item is packaged for our convenience. Afterall, convenience is what matters, right?

I would like to know when we are going to realize that our greed is going to be the leading cause of our demise, the leading factor of the extinction of the human race. It is time for the evolution of the mind, as it has happened many times before, to ensure our survival. It is time that we make it blatantly evident that the insatiable appetite for our monopolizing behavior must be filled. I strongly believe that it will only come about by living in our own filth.

Now, at the end of it all, what would you rather have? A concrete jungle, or a green one?